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All You Need To Know About Microblading Tucson

Microblading Tucson – There are many beauty techniques and procedures that both men and women have adopted over the years to look stunning. One of these techniques is microblading. Microblading is a beauty technique that has a number of applications but is predominantly used on the eyebrows. In Tuscon, microblading is offered as a beauty procedure by a number of salons. What is microblading and how is it done? What are the advantages of this technique over other traditional beauty methods? These questions and more will be answered in this article.

What is microblading?

Microblading is not like “a wig, but for eyebrows”. No, this technique is more like a tattoo, but for eyebrows. When properly done, microbladed eyebrows are virtually indistinguishable from real and natural eyebrows. This arguably new, but in arguably awesome technique is sub-divided into two types: Microshading and Microfeathering.

Microblading Tucson in itself is a technique that involves drawing fine, delicate hair-like lines on the skin. It is semi-permanent because these lines and strokes are drawn into the superficial layers of the skin.

Does microblading hurt?

Well, depending on your pain tolerance, you might feel a slight discomfort and stinging sensation or much pain. But, many professionals numb the area to be micro bladed before they start the procedure.

What are the types of microblading?

These are microshading and microfeathering.

These two techniques are quite similar in nature. Microshading is usually done with a rotary tool and it is favored by people that have almost non-existent eyebrows. The strokes here are fuller than that of ordinary microblading. Microfeathering, on the other hand, is a technique favored by people with fuller brows but who wish to hide gray hairs in their brow or they have spaces in their brows.

Depending on your preference these two subdivisions of microblading Tucson produce great results and in fact, some people rather enjoy combining the two techniques.

Advantages of Microblading?

Microblading offers people of all ages and genders many advantages. Some of these advantages are :

  • Microblading is a time saver

With this technique, the need for you to include eyebrow lining, eyebrow filling, and other eyebrow related procedures during makeup is eliminated. You can wake up looking like you just did all those things. It is a quite handy technique,  isn’t it?

  • Microblading does not smear off

Microblading is a semi-permanent cosmetic method that embeds pigments into your skin. Thus, there is no fear of your drawn-in eyebrows disappearing.  You can go for a run, go for a swim, carry out activities that otherwise would smear away your makeup without having to worry about your microbladed eyebrows.

  • It looks natural

Apart from the time-saving property of micro bladed eyebrows, this technique delivers natural looking eyebrows. People who have lost their hair due to various reasons, from alopecia to over-plucking have found succor in micro blading. This natural effect offered is a major advantage of this beauty technique.

  • Microblading is long lasting

Microblading lasts for a long time: from one (1) year to up to three (3) years. The lifespan of your microbladed eyebrows depends on different factors but majorly on the kind of lifestyle you live. If you are out in the sun a lot, or use many different kinds of lotions on your face and eyebrows, the microblading may not last as long.

  • Microblading gives you the eyebrows of your dreams

Whatever type of eyebrow, whether S-shaped, hard-angled, straight, soft angled or round or whatever color of eyebrows you want, micro blading can help you achieve it. This versatile procedure indeed can give you the eyebrows of your dreams.

Microblading offers other advantages, but these above are the some of the major advantages of this technique. As with so many things in life, microblading has its disadvantages and dangers.

Disadvantages and Dangers of Microblading

This technique on its own doesn’t have any specific disadvantages.

However, it requires re-touching after the first session as the color usually fades after the first month. Also, some people might have allergic reactions to the pigments used in this procedure but this is uncommon.

Another danger posed by this technique is the incompetence of your stylist. Since this technique involves the cutting of skin layers, inadequate sterilization can cause infections and other nasty consequences.  A certified microblading technician should know the importance of this, and use only sterilized tools when performing the procedure.

Another danger,  albeit a purely aesthetic one, is an inexperienced stylist. If you decide to use a non-professional stylist, do not be aggrieved if you have terrible eyebrows in the end, ranging from lop-sided eyebrows to eyebrows that make you look like you are in a constant state of surprise.

Cost of Microblading

Before this technique became popular, microblading Tucson was quite an expensive procedure. But with popularity came a slight drop in cost due to more professionals. Nevertheless,  this procedure usually is between $150 to $850 or even higher.

How to set up your Microblading business?

To be a part of this lucrative trade, you need training. Training might be quite grueling,  but the rewards are worth it. After training you still need loads of practice to be good at what you do.

It requires business skills like marketing, advertising, and other essential procedures.

You’ll also need supplies from latex sheets, pigments, and saline paste to equipment like needles, pencils and other application tools.


Microblading is a great technique that offers so many unique advantages. With its semi-permanence, smear-resistance and other distinct advantages, it is a great way to have the eyebrows of your dreams.

If you live in Tucson, AZ and want to get your eyebrows Microbladed, contact Abuela’s Butterfly and schedule an appointment today!

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