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Microblading Phoenix – Whether you like them feathered, straight, bold or arched, eyebrows are the most important facial feature. When caved beautifully with gel, tattooing and even pencils they make you look amazing at every point in time.

Now, there is even a more natural method that offers semi-permanent result known as Microblading. Microblading Phoenix is the latest trend when it comes to having beautiful eyebrows; it is a ‘semi-permanent’ manual process of filling in your eyebrows that can be compared to the traditional hair stroke technique.

The Microblading process uses a beautiful, thin blade and releases pigments into the epidermis, making the stroke appear crisp and fine. The process is truly ideal for anyone who wants to improve the shape and look of their eyebrows.

You get a natural-looking result, hair-like strokes, irrespective of the amount of hair present. Women who are suffering from any condition as a result of hair-loss, or who are not comfortable with the shape of their eyebrows can benefit significantly from Microblading.

The Microblading process involves making use of a special Microblading pen to draw on individual strokes. This process can take about two hours to complete, and it is best for the technicians to pay close attention since the result will last for about three years before beginning to fade. The Microblading process is not one to be rushed, and it cannot be completed in an hour.


Microblading Phoenix usually involves a painless procedure because of the unique techniques used in the process. Also, it isn’t as permanent as the full-on tattooing.  This means that you will be stuck with the same style of the eyebrow for the rest of your life.

Apart from this, other reasons why you should consider Microblading Phoenix includes the following:


  • Effective and quick process: The first thing you will love about Microblading Phoenix is that it doesn’t involve some long and ridiculous process that gets boring. In most clinics, the process lasts for just one quick session. This means you can have a beautiful eyebrow that would transform your look and face in only a few hours. Also, you don’t have to wait forever before the result shows up.  The results become evident immediately after the procedure so that you can request for changes in areas that aren’t perfect.
  • Less time preparing for work in the morning: Most times, women spend a lot of time in the morning preparing for work while trying to draw and fix their eyebrows. Others waste time trying to find the right product that would make their eyebrows look fuller and darker. However, with Microblading Phoenix, you can wake up in the morning with a beautiful eyebrow that won’t wear out all through the day. Microblading is a semi-permanent solution that won’t waste your time.  It ensures that you wake up daily looking beautiful and presentable over a long time.
  • Fast Healing Process: One unique feature that differentiates the Microblading process from other types of cosmetic tattooing is the precise and sensitive techniques used in the procedure.  This makes the new and beautiful eyebrows heal fast. Most Microblading patients goes out immediately after the session to show off their eyebrows after the procedures.


  • Rectifies all changed skin color: In many cases, the Microblading process helps experts settle all progressions that may have taken place in your skin such as change of skin color.
  • Generally Painless: The Microblading process is also quite painless because a numbing cream is usually applied.  This is added to the brow area before the commencement of the procedure and during the treatment. The only thing the client gets to feel is the carving sensation when the pigment is implemented into the skin.
  • Natural Brow Look: The Microblading process is of great benefit to anyone suffering from hair loss or lack of hair growth in the brows. The natural looking features of Microblading process makes it difficult for anyone to notice that you have had a procedure done making it a better alternative to penciled brows.
  • Lasts 1-3 years: One unique feature of the Microblading process is that it can last for one to three years based on environmental factors like exposure to the sun.
  • It is very safe: The Microblading process is safe when done by a professional Microblading artist.
  • Semi-permanent Brow Solution: Microblading process offers semi-permanent eyebrow solution using a micro pigmentation process. Once you have applied them, they can last for one to three years. Once in a while, you can touch them and keep them going for as long as you want.
  • Low Maintenance: With Microblading, you do not have to worry about applying eyebrow makeup.  You won’t have to maintain your eyebrow look because they do not require regular maintenance. Although, you may want to boost them once in a w while by booking an appointment.


Finally, there are a lot of Microblading Phoenix studios.  However, contact us if you need a professional Microblading or a touchup done by an expert.  Abuela’s Butterfly specializes in offering beautifully Micro-bladed eyebrows that look natural. Remember that when searching for a Microblading Phoenix expert, it is essential that they are a 3D Certified Microblading Technicia. It is also advisable to book an appointment with an artist that specializes in natural looking eyebrows.  By this, we mean someone who possesses the skills to use different techniques in adjusting to maturing skin.


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