Microblading Healing Process
Eyebrow Microblading

Microblading Healing Process

Microblading Healing Process

Abuela’s Butterfly wants to explain a little about the Microblading Healing Process.  After the pigment is implanted, the body needs to do its job and repair itself.  Tiny flakes of excess pigment will form on top of the skin and underneath the skin will retain pigment.  Then the crusts come away it will cause the area to look very light and have a “milky mask effect.”

You may find yourself wondering, where is the pigment?!

Rest assured, it is there.  It takes 8 weeks for the cells to regenerate, and then the pigment will return to the surface of the skin and will look more defined and clear.

Abuela’s Butterfly asks that you do not panic during this process.  Just be patient and you will have your beautiful eyebrows in no time!

Here are some post care microblading tips to get the most out of your session with Abuela’s Butterfly!

Avoid Getting Your Eyebrows Wet

No getting your eyebrows wet for 10 days!  This includes sweating.  Avoid washing hair for 2 days to give the brows a complete dry-out.  Take lukewarm showers or baths to avoid the steam from expressing more pigment.  Use a no-rinse makeup remover to clean the face and avoid brow area completely.  This will all help with the Microblading Healing Process.

No Scratching or Picking

The area may be itchy and you must avoid scratching or picking at it.  Doing so will affect the procedure and damage the overall look of your eyebrows.

Do not touch

Avoid touching your eyebrows at all for 10 days.  You can affect the healing processing and ruin the microblading procedure.

No Oils, Ointments, Oils or Creams

Cease the use of any type of lotions or creams on your eyebrows.  If you can, discontinue anti-aging, acne products, scrubs, and peels for a minimum of 30 days.  After that time period has passed and you begin using these products again, keep the application at least 2.5 inches away from your eyebrows.  These products can fad the pigment and blur your strokes!

Timeline of what to Expect

Days 1 – 2:  Brows will be roughly 15-25% darker.  They will appear more solid and bolder than your actual healed result.  Expect minimal swelling.

Days 3 – 4:  Top layers start to shed, color looks faded.  Brows begin to itch.  Remember, NO touching.  Brows will appear thicker in texture.

Days 5 – 6:  Pigment color will finish flaking off.  Brows will appear softer and grayer for 4-6 weeks until color clarifies.  Please remember, every result is individual!


Have more questions about Microblading?  Learn more here!

Microblading Healing Process
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Abuela's Butterfly likes to explain the Microblading Healing Process to their clients so one knows what to expect after receiving the procedure.

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