Microblading FAQ


Microblading FAQ

Q.  Microblading FAQ.  How long must I wait before I receive a touch-up?

A.  You must wait 6-8 weeks for people ages 18-60, Anyone over the age of 60 must wait 8


Q.  The Eyebrow colors appear orange/yellow in the beginning of the procedure will the color
stay that way?

A.  The Eyebrow colors will appear warm toned in the beginning of the procedure. However,
once the color is packed in with proper stretch the color will heal more cool/neutral.


Q.  How long should I wait to receive a procedure after surgery performed on that area?

A.  After doctor’s permission, you may receive the cosmetic procedure one year from the date of
healed. Which means for example surgery was performed on 12/1/03 and she was finished
healing on 12/12/03, you may do the procedure on 12/12/04.

Q.  What are the symptoms of an allergic reaction of pigment?

A.  Allergic reactions to pigment occur only in the pigmented area. Common symptoms are raised
and flaking skin usually beginning at least three weeks after the procedure. Another symptom is
granulomas. Granulomas are white hard bumps found on the skin.

Microblading FAQ Continued

Q.  How can I identify if a reaction is due to pigment or aftercare/anesthetics?

A.  Allergic reactions to pigment only occur in the pigmented area. Reactions to anesthetics or
aftercare products will generally spread and occur immediately after the procedure.


Q.  If I’m having a reaction to aftercare, what do I do and how long until I see

A.  You should immediately stop the use of all products to the face. Cleanse the area with
warm water. Do not scrub. Take a form of anti-allergy pill and wait 24 hours. If the symptoms
have not disappeared you should seek the care of a professional.


Q.  What treatments are available if I’m experiencing allergic reactions to pigment?

A.  Steroid creams and/or injections work in most cases. Especially in cases reported in the early
state. In the most extreme cases laser removal maybe necessary.


Q.  How much does microblading cost?

A.  Abuela’s Butterfly charges a very modest price for a microblading procedure.  See more here.