Abuela's Butterfly

Why a Butterfly?


Abuela’s Butterfly signifies change and growth.  A metamorphosis from one form to another.  Adriana (Abuela’s Butterfly’s Founder) truly believes that any beauty services, not only change a client’s appearance but also changes how they feel about themselves.  It gives them more confidence and strength.  It gives them the feeling of subtle beauty without being foreboding or overbearing.

Ultimately it’s about making you feel better about yourself, even though we are all beautiful in our own way.

A butterfly is a complete elegant transformation.  Both internal and external.  Adriana wants to be a part of that change, in you.




Adriana was born and raised in Cuba and always had dreams of a more fruitful life in the United States.  Her abuela (“grandmother” in Spanish) played a significant role in her upbringing and plays a very important role in her life to this day.  She communicates with her grandmother regularly and is constantly reminded of the values her grandmother has instilled upon her.  Things such as family, love, and happiness are all extremely important to Adriana and her abuela is a symbol of those values.

Her grandmother has always been there for her and has supported her throughout her immigration to the United States and has been a calming voice of reason when needed.  Adriana’s grandmother and family have high hopes for her and continue to express unwavering faith in her ability to achieve personal happiness and success.  They live vicariously through her as she forges through her own journey in life.

Because of this, Adriana has chosen to name her business; Abuela’s Butterfly.